Invited Speakers

Prof. Thomas Gatski
(Old Dominion University, USA)
Advances in the analysis and prediction of turbulent viscoelastic flows

Assoc. Prof. Sasa Kenjeres
(Delft University, The Netherlands)
Modelling and simulations of multi-physics multi-scale transport phenomena in bio-medical applications

Prof. Brian Launder
(The University of Manchester, UK)
Horace Lamb & Osborne Reynolds: remarkable Mancunians ...  and their interactions

Prof. Andrew Pollard
(Queen's University at Kingston, Canada)
Air and blood fluid mechanics: the interface between engineering and medicine

Prof. Mike Reeks
(Newcastle University, UK)
Transport, mixing and agglomeration of small particles in turbulent flows


Prof. Kazuhiko Suga
(Osaka Prefecture University, Japan)
Turbulence over/inside porous surfaces and challenges to its modelling